Septifos sachets

SEPTIFOS’ concentrated formula stimulates the development of bacteria that is naturally present in the septic tank.  Sludge deteriorates faster leading to no blockages or bad odours.

Using a biological activator is essential in maintaining the performance of your septic tank.  The equilibrium of the septic tank is fragile and can be compromised by external factors (heat, use of chemical products, number of people in home…); sludge accumulates, bad odours build up and then the septic tank needs to be emptied.

  • For households with 1-4 people, use 1 sachet every week, for households with  5-8 people use 2 sachets every week  or for households with 9-12 people use 3 sachets once a week.
  • if there are strong odours or it has not been used recently, double the dose.
  • Open a sachet and while flushing the toilet add directly to the water in the pan.