Introducing new laundry care products from PUNCH®

Posted on February 28th 2014 in

White’N'Bright™ sheets for everyday care of white wash and Squeeze’N'Brush™ pre-wash stain remover gel are now available in stores!

White’n'Bright™ is a revolutionary sheet designed for everyday care of white laundry – it brightens up the colour and prevents greying caused by limescale, grime and dirt in the wash water. It offers a new generation, gentle formula so you can be sure that your white fabrics stay soft after wash. It is now available at Tesco, Dunnes, SuperValu and many other local shops.

Squeeze’N'Brush™ is a no-nonsense stain remover gel – with a powerful formula it tackles all the most popular family stains. It also comes with a brush, which enhances the effectiveness of the gel and helps to treat the problem area.